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SIM Portland Reinvention - 5/30/2020

Dear Chapter members,  Virtual Board meeting The COVID-19 response continues to evolve. We are starting to see Phase 1 reopening in many Oregon counties, though it looks like Multnomah County will be the last to do so. We are still a long way away from in person SIM Chapter events. Hopefully if we reach Phase 2 and there is no relapse, we will be be able to safely hold in person events with the start of next year's programs in September. I have begun to see a re-opening of my waist line, or my "Quarantine Pounds" as I like to call them. So I am desperately waiting for more tennis and squash to be available. I also started a new job as CIO for the Oregon State Police. I am very excited about this, and inspired by the mission of the agency as well as the talented team of IT professionals that I am now leading. The new Board has now met in April and May. We have been wrestling with adjusting this year's events and are looking to plan for next year. The Board